Impact Case Studies Submitted to SP11 Computer Science and Informatics

The full set of case studies submitted to the REF Computer Science and Informatics sub-panel  are listed below.  The submissions and their asessment can be found on the REF site.

HEFCE analysis of REF impact for all panels is available online.


University Case Study Title
1 Aberdeen Data2Text: natural language summaries of complex data sets
2 Public Understanding of Artificial Intelligence
3 Enabling Semantic Reasoning for Linked Data
4 Aberystwyth Automated Design Analysis and Generation of Diagnostics
5 Planetary Exploration Based Camera Technology for Precision Agriculture Applications
6 The Robot Scientist: automating science
7 Aston Impact of Machine-Learning based Visual Analytics
8 Improving the Management of Uncertainty on the Web: UncertML
9 The GRiST computer decision support system for assessing and managing risks associated with mental-health problems.
10 Bangor Enhancing of National Grid Stability via optimisation of Dinorwig Hydro Power Station
11 Minimally invasive procedural training for clinicians using virtual patients
12 Bath Collaboration research influencing defence and security policy, strategy and stabilisation operations
13 Commercialised advances in computer algebra
14 Virtual warehousing and market intelligence in online book retailing
15 Bedfordshire Cyberstalking countermeasures adopted by Government bodies
16 Enabling high-quality, low power mobile broadband services
17 Integrated computer hardware and software to support design capability of Energy supply industry and chip manufacturers
18 Powering Electronic Devices from Ambient Radio Signals
19 Birkbeck College Informatics support for the management and integration of large-scale life sciences data
20 Intelligent Constructionist Tools for Learning and Teaching
21 Participatory Cyber-physical Computing: applications in Monitoring Biodiversity, Healthcare, Urban Development, Transportation and Art
22 Birmingham Automated detection of faults and undesirable scenarios in very large telecom systems
23 Fighting the Malicious Web
24 Fixing and verifying authorisation protocols of an industry-standard security chip
25 Providing Accessibility to Scientific Documents to Visually Impaired Readers via Mathematical Formula Recognition
26 SIAscopy for rapid non-invasive in-vivo quantification and assessment of skin histology in dermatology and cosmetics
27 Birmingham City Computational Models to Enhance Design Processes for Engineering Jet Engines at Rolls-Royce
28 Vehicle Crash Test Analysis Systems
29 Brighton Using Computational Lexicography for Dictionary Production with the Sketch Engine
30 Using Diagrams at Nokia to Protect Privacy
31 Bristol CRYPTO: Elliptic curve research impacts on international standards and products.
32 ProVision: wireless video transmission
33 SLAM: computer-vision-based simultaneous localisation and mapping technology for applications in personal localisation and robotics.
34 VAB: Visual Animal Biometrics to automate animal recognition
35 XMOS: spin-out fabless semiconductor manufacturer
36 Brunel Algorithms to support faster, cheaper and more accurate diagnosis of specific medical conditions
37 High Performance Simulation techniques to reduce industrial production and logistics costs through better management
38 Improving Data Models in Operational IT Systems
39 Software Engineering Impact through Fault Analyses
40 Cambridge Vulnerabilities in Electronic Payments
41 Iris-based People Recognition
42 Virtual Network Computing (VNC) remote access technology
43 Security Economics: influence on public policy
44 Ubisense: location sensing
45 Xen virtual machine monitor used by Cloud Services
46 Cardiff Enabling the Catalogue of Life to index the world’s species
47 Realising the potential of 3D scanners through reverse engineering and digital shape reconstruction
48 City


Design diversity for safety and reliability in software-based systems
49 Making sense of complex data through innovations in visualisation
50 Making the results returned by search engines more relevant
51 Reducing risk in critical computer-based systems by using assurance cases
52 Coventry Digital Environment Home Energy Management System (DEHEMS)
53 Serious Games Innovation and Business Engagement
54 De Montfort Core Underpinning of Fuzzy Logic
55 Programme transformation
56 Using Research to Change Policy
57 Derby Knowledge Transfer of Innovative Cloud Computing Technologies
58 Sustainable Cloud Computing
59 Dundee Augmentative and Alternate Communication (AAC)
60 SpaceWire computer network for use on board spacecraft
61 Durham From Formal Methods to Software Migration
62 Stereoscopic Imaging
63 East Anglia Avatars for Visual Communication
64 Improved Insurance Products for the Multinational Insurance Industry
65 Imsense Ltd: The Pursuit of Perfect Photographs
66 East London Improving mobile service engineering in the Italian Telecommunication Industry
67 Using secure software systems engineering to improve business processes and information systems
68 Edge Hill Simulation software to improve technology enhanced learning of modern computer architecture.
69 Improving quality assurance of a large software model through relative debugging.
70 Edinburgh Actual Analytics Ltd: automated processing of video data to reduce the use of laboratory animals in scientific research
71 Automatic detection of defects in multi-threaded enterprise Java codebases
72 Clinical and commercial applications of text-to-speech synthesis technologies
73 Milepost open source GCC compiler and machine learning based compiler technology
74 Shaping the XML technologies used to manage the world’s data
75 Speech Graphics Ltd: Audio-driven Animation
76 The EnCore Microprocessor and the ArcSim Simulator
77 The Moses Machine Translation Toolkit
78 The Natural Language Toolkit (NLTK)
79 The Tegola Wireless Community Broadband Project
80 Edinburgh Napier Enabling greater citizen participation in governance: e-petitioning
81 Standards for Taxonomic Classification of Biodiversity Data
82 Essex Designing Virtual Worlds for games
83 Optical Switching for High Performance Networks
84 Type-2 Fuzzy Logic: Managing uncertainty and imprecision in telecoms and finance
85 UltraSoC: Commercialisation of a novel debug support architecture for multi-processor systems on a chip
86 Exeter Cost Effective Design of City-Wide Water Distribution Infrastructure
87 Ensuring air traffic safety: optimising short term conflict alert systems
88 Glasgow Developing algorithms to optimise paired kidney donation in the UK
89 International Standards which have fuelled the rapid global development of telecommunications technology
90 Kelvin Connect – spin-out providing advanced mobile data capture systems for police officers and healthcare professionals
91 Shaping Policy, Legislation and Regulation in European Air Traffic Management
92 Transforming computing science education to confront global industry skills gap
93 Glasgow Caledonian Technology to Optimise Movement for Health and Wellbeing
94 User Authentication Methodologies for Secure and Competitive Business
95 Glyndwr EASYLINE+: Low Cost Advanced White Goods for a Longer Independent Life of Elderly People
96 Software Integration and Visualisation for Complex Electrical Motor Design Programming, Simulation and Modelling
97 Goldsmiths’ College Multimedia: the impact of Content-based Multi-media algorithms
98 SpendInsight: spend analysis software
99 Winkball: connecting people through video
100 Greenwich Computational modelling, simulation and visualisation research supporting fire safety engineering
101 Computer methods for assessing reliability of complex structures
102 Heriot-Watt Bringing Computer Science, Programming and Computational Thinking into the Classroom
103 Enhanced reservoir management in the oil/gas sector via new algorithms for large-scale optimization
104 3D texture capture system enables ‘virtual’ production of IKEA catalogues
105 Pioneering Web Portals for Health Information
106 Hertfordshire Digital and Accessible Information: Accessibility for All
107 Industrial applications of Automatic Differentiation and advanced methods in compilation technology
108 Robot-assisted Play for Therapy in Children with Autism
109 SBML: the Systems Biology Markup Language
110 Huddersfield Development of a Next-Generation Student Response System for Academia and Industry
111 Engineering Knowledge for Autonomous   and Intelligent Systems
112 Hull HiP-HOPS: A novel method and tool for dependability analysis and optimisation of systems
113 Vertual and VERT (Virtual Environment for Radiotherapy Training)
114 Imperial College London Machine Learning for Agrisciences (Syngenta)
115 Reconfigurable Computing for High Performance Applications
116 Applications of Computational Optimization under Uncertainty in Decision Support
117 IXICO : Quantitative Image Analysis – Novel Biomarkers for Clinical Trials and Diagnostics
118 Knowledge Management Technology for Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Industries (InforSense)
119 Body Sensor Networks for Healthcare and Sports
120 Keele Automated object recognition and focussing for Medical Applications
121 Classification within forensic datasets
122 Kent Communicating Process Architectures: the Future for Systems
123 Greenfoot: Transforming the way programming is taught
124 Improved Functional Programming Practice through Refactoring
125 PERMIS – A modular authorisation infrastructure
126 King’s College London Contributions to Industrial Mobile Telecommunications Standards
127 Creation of Wireless Technology Spin-out Companies
128 Data provenance standardisation
129 International software modelling standards
130 Portable Electronic Red Palm Weevil (Rynchophorus Ferrugineus Olivier) Larvae Detector
131 Search Based Software Testing as a Practical Tool
132 Kingston Economic benefits from sales of people-tracking and crowd-monitoring technology
133 Social and economic benefits from development of sports tracking technology
134 Lancaster Efficient video for wireless broadband standards
135 Impact of QoS research on the global TETRA radio standard
136 Investigative toolkit and associated techniques to support online child protection based on digital persona analysis
137 Research on natural language processing leading to improved language tests and dictionaries for millions of language learners
138 Leeds Commercial software for modelling and visualising manufacturing variation in automotive products
139 Human motion analysis research enables global retail analytics industry
140 Scheduling research leads to optimised cost efficient public transport – the Tracsis spin-out
141 Leeds Metropolitan Green IT: Data Centre Management
142 Improving the online promotion of UK contemporary art on
143 Leicester Enhancing the effectiveness of educational games and learning tools
144 Software companies stay innovative and win business in fast-moving and competitive market
145 Underpinning successful UK-based innovation in security alarm systems
146 Lincoln Giving Medicine a Better Image with Wafer-scale CMOS Imagers
147 User-trainable visual anomaly detection for quality inspection tasks in the food industry
148 Liverpool Agent-Oriented Software Engineering: The Gaia Methodology
149 In My Shoes: A Software Tool for Professionals assisting Children and Vulnerable Adults
150 National Gas Demand Forecasting
151 Liverpool Hope MAGIC2VIP: Making Accessible Graphic Information Context to Visually Impaired People
152 Segmentation and Watermarking of Peripheral Blood Smear Images
153 Liverpool John Moores Securing Networked Systems
154 Fire Prevention and Community Safety
155 London Metropolitan An Innovative Intelligent Keyboard Design for disabled community.
156 Development of Inclusive Participative Media and games for audiences with special educational needs.
157 Loughborough Commercialisation of novel knowledge-based computer tools for process plant design check and hazard identification
158 Enhanced products and services through low-cost wireless solutions
159 Image Enhancement Pipelines that Allow Digital Images to be Viewed as Seen by Human Eyes
160 Manchester Active Shape and Appearance Models   for image interpretation, in industrial inspection, medical image analysis, and face tracking/recognition
161 Dynamic binary translation for virtualisation enables applications compiled for one architecture to run on another
162 ICARUS – Interactive Construction of 3D Models from Digital Images
163 Intelligent Pricing Decision Support Systems
164 OWL – an Ontology Language Standard with Sound Logical Underpinning
165 Manchester Metropolitan Methodology for Evaluating Health Information Technology Systems
166 Synthetic Biology and Citizen Science
167 Middlesex Algorithms for Bio-imaging
168 Applied Ethics – embedding ethics in the design of technology projects
169 Complex User Interfaces: Design of Products and Services
170 ICT Inclusion and Design for All
171 Model Checking Multi-Agent Systems
172 Visual Analytics – Interactive Visual Search and Query Environment
173 Newcastle upon Tyne Expansion of the middleware software market
174 Improved Processes for the Development of Dependable Systems
175 Novel computational approaches to discover medicines
176 Worldwide adoption of asynchronous circuits and improved business process modelling
177 Northumbria at Newcastle Cyber Security: Situational Awareness and Infrastructure Protection research changing policy and practice
178 Database migration and data conversion for improved, consistent and integrated address database for the Government of Gibraltar
179 Nottingham Aptia Solutions – Maximising Use of High Value Materials
180 Broadcasting Thrill for Television, Advertising and Public Engagement
181 Improving Take-Off Time Predication at Heathrow Airport
182 Transforming Theatre, Games and Television
183 Transforming Transport Planning Operations at 3T Logistics
184 Nottingham Trent Using interaction technologies to help people tackle the effects of stroke and other impairments
185 Wireless and mobile computing for sustainable urban mobility and social inclusion
186 Open University Empowering people through technologically enhanced senses
187 Enabling exploration of hidden, contextual knowledge within large collections of documents
188 Increasing society’s capacity to tackle complex, socio-technical dilemmas
189 Supporting effective live, visual, virtual collaboration
190 Oxford Automated Software Design and Verification
191 Risk Mitigation in the Commercial Design of Microprocessors
192 Securing Data with Database Firewall
193 Semmle: a powerful query language for analysing large data sources
194 Boinc – Open Source tools for Volunteer Computing
195 Validation of Embedded Systems with Bit-Accurate Floating Point
196 Automated Verification and Validation for Defence, Aerospace and Automated Embedded Software
197 HermiT: Reasoning Systems to support ontology systems
198 Oxford Brookes Reducing fraud in internet registry companies to understand typosquatting and improve abuse detection
199 Sony’s Wonderbook: theoretical mathematics contributes to enriching the gaming experience
200 Plymouth Neural Machine Learning System for MOD Defence Contracts
201 Robotics Applications in Health, Education and Entertainment
202 Portsmouth Clinical Outcome Modelling Saves Lives
203 Improved Mobility and Quality of Life for Children with Disabilities
204 Queen Mary Automatic memory safety verification for critical software
205 Causal Bayesian reasoning in critical decision making
206 Cognitive Science Research Group and Chatterbox
207 Semantic Web for Music (Centre for Digital Music)
208 Queen’s Belfast Affordable Confocal Microscopes Enabled by Novel Digital Imaging Techniques
209 Applications of Novel Speech and Audio-Visual Processing Research
210 The commercial impact of scheduling and optimisation on university space planning and utilisation
211 Robert Gordon AmbieSense: Ambient, context-aware and mobile applications
212 Data-driven Decision Support
213 Optimised Retrieval for Reusing Insurance Underwriting Cases
214 Royal Holloway Analysis of IT Security Techniques for International Standardisation
215 Cryptographic Analysis and Improvement of Transport Layer Security (TLS)
216 VC Learning Theory and Support Vector Machines
217 Salford Collaborative Visualisation: how people communicate through and around shared simulation
218 The Pattern Recognition and Image Analysis (PRImA) Research Laboratory: Digitising Europe’s printed cultural heritage
219 Sheffield ASR: Commercial, societal and cultural benefits of new advanced Speech Recognition Technology
220 GATE: General Architecture for Text Engineering
221 OAK: Harnessing the power of information for situation awareness and organisational intelligence
222 Shaping international policy and stimulating international public debate on Autonomous Weapons Systems (Ethics)
223 South Wales Linking Archaeological Data – enabling semantic infrastructure in the digital archaeology domain
224 Mobile applications and technologies making economic impact
225 Southampton Applications of agent technology
226 Intelligent Energy Management
227 Leading the open data revolution
228 Open Access and Digital Archiving
229 Web Science: Designing a Pro-Human World Wide Web
230 St Andrews CloudSoft: Distributed Mediation
231 Extending Open Virtual Worlds for Cultural Heritage and Education
232 Migrating IT Infrastructure to the Cloud
233 Staffordshire Adaptive Video Analytics Software
234 Computer Based Methods for Diagnosing and Predicting River Health
235 Stirling Models of the control of Koi Herpes Virus
236 Sentic Computing: sentiment analysis in natural language processing
237 Strathclyde Improved user experience of the European Digital Library through user-centred evaluations
238 Improved video surveillance and customer relations management through efficient data representation.
239 Widening public access to judicial decision making through information systems.
240 Sunderland Development of Smart Planning Tools for BT and Network Optimisation
241 Sunderland Software City: Developing the Software Sector in the North East
242 Surrey Adaptive Information Systems
243 Financial Fraud Detection
244 Introducing a secure electronic voting system to the State of Victoria, Australia
245 Sussex Augmented digital representations of cultural heritage enabling interactive virtual museums
246 Automatic grammatical analysis enabling advanced text processing in commercial applications
247 Swansea Empowering rural digital communities in the developing world and the UK
248 Improving Processes and Policies in the UK Railway Industry
249 Safer Human-Computer Interaction for Healthcare
250 Document Engineering of Clinical Guidelines
251 Interactive Storytelling Technologies
252 Ulster A new mobile-based reminding product for connected health
253 A new product for creating annotated data sets within smart environments
254 A new range of outdoor clothing for the active ageing based on wearable technologies
255 Modelling phases of care for acute stroke patients
256 New software products for programming wireless sensor networks
257 University College London 3D body scanning in clothing manufacturing and retail, and healthcare
258 A clinical management service for stroke prevention
259 Camino diffusion MRI toolkit: microstructure imaging and connectivity mapping to avoid cognitive deficits after neurosurgery
260 Enhanced photo and special effects processing for professional and amateur photographers
261 Human-centred security in government and commercial applications
262 Improving prostate cancer diagnosis and care using computer simulation and medical image registration
263 SIP/SDP as an enabler of real-time internet communication
264 xlinkit for fast, cheap, reliable banking with automated verification of over-the counter derivatives trading
265 Warwick High-performance-computing and parallel software development tools
266 Impact of image analysis research on fingerprint biometrics and multimedia forensics
267 Impact of performance modelling research on IT capacity planning and national nuclear security
268 West London Model-driven software methods that support knowledge-based, process-driven (mobile) service oriented architectures
269 Institutionalising HCI in Asia:   focusing on India and China
270 West of England Facilitating System Evolution during Design and Implementation: CRISTAL
271 More efficient and effective requirements engineering in the aerospace industry using the newly developed ontology-driven methodology, OntoREM
272 West of Scotland Centre for Enabling Technology Generates Economic Impact on a Worldwide Scale
273 Economic, Societal and Policy Impact of ICTE Research Centre
274 Westminster Balanced Model Truncation (BMT) and its Applications in DSP System Modelling and Computational Complexity Reduction
275 Component-based Highly Productive Methodology for Software Development in Grid and Cloud Computing
276 Gateway technologies for high-performance computing in business, industry and science
277 York Guaranteed Performance on Controller Area Network (CAN)
278 Real-Time Operating Systems (RTA-OSEK & RTA-OS)
279 The Goal Structuring Notation
280 RapiTime: Worst-Case Execution Time technology